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  • 19th August
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When it rains…

First off. One word. Mastitis. So without going TMI, let’s just say OW! Breastfeeding and anything touching me there hurts! And Sheila eats at least every 2 hours. :(

Ok so on top of that- looking to move. There are tons of reasons, but mainly Sheila will be crawling soon and I want it to be on new, clean floors. That’s stressful.

Then we decided to buy out first home. Stressful on so many levels… do we qualify? Paper work, paper work, paper work…. can we even find something we like?

It just seems like a lot right now.

  • 16th August
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  • 15th August
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I need hugs and chocolate.

I’m having a very sad day today.

My mom and dad stopped by and had dinner, which was wonderful, but then they went home. It just wasn’t enough time.

I’m going to miss out on the Tumblr meet up that I was so excited about.

I’ve been hitting road blocks for my little Etsy shop the last few days and its frustrating.

A friend of mine had her baby and posted pictures on Facebook. It made me cry.

Please send chocolate and hugs. Thanks.

  • 14th August
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Someone has found her feet!  She let go of her left foot when she saw me.  :)

Someone has found her feet! She let go of her left foot when she saw me. :)

  • 13th August
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I’m reopening my Etsy shop with my scarves and all my headbands. So excited!!

  • 11th August
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For some inexplicable reason everything in my life feels different. How do you explain things FEELING different? Like the feeling you get while looking at photos of fall (maybe that’s just me) or seeing a photo of a loved one, but usually those feelings are fleeting. It’s sort of like when you realize you have almost met a weight loss goal and it super charges how you feel about yourself and your life… a more lasting feeling. An excitement that permeates everything you do.

I was going about my usual, in fact fighting a bit of a cold, feeling a bit hum drum, when all of a sudden yesterday things shifted. It was like the energy in my apartment completely changed. The best way I can describe it is that it feels sort of like spring. Positive, exciting… just completely different. It’s so weird and I not only have no idea how to adequately describe it, but I have no idea what caused it.

You know what though, I’ll take it!!

  • 11th August
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Sleeping baby in my arms.  You won’t hear me complaining…

Sleeping baby in my arms. You won’t hear me complaining…

  • 10th August
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Fairly certain Baby has my cold.

Excuse me while I tend to this gaping hole in my chest. :(

  • 10th August
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3 AM
Still awake because Baby.
The whole right side of my face hurts. I either have a sinus thing going on or major cavities. :(
Hair is driving me nuts. Touching my neck and all over my face.
So sleepy.
Would pay all the monies to sleep 8 hours uninterrupted.
Did I mention so sleepy?

  • 9th August
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  • 9th August
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Saturday Six

I’m totally making this a thing because it’s been too quiet from my neck of the ‘net.

1.) I’ve got a cold. Womp, womp, womp. I miss the mundane things I generally gripe about mentally. Doing dishes and laundry and trying to find time to craft. I REALLY miss swimming.

2.) Speaking of crafting I’ve been making headbands. It’s easy and fun and I can do it in the little snippets of time I have when Sheila is in tummy time or napping. I’ve only made baby and toddler ones so far (so of course I have some super cute pictures of Baby modeling them) but I plan on making adult ones as well.

3.) I’m planning a road trip/meet up with a certain someone and I’m so so so excited!! My first Tumblr meet up (something I could only dream of in Alaska) and with a really awesome lady.

4.) An update on the healthier side of my life- I’ve been counting calories using MFP and its really been working for me. I mean…. 42 lbs lost since I had Sheila. I’ve still got a ways to go, but I’m getting there. I’ve also noticed my mental health has definitely improved since I’ve been swimming.

5.) Did I mention road trip/Tumblr meet up?!?!? Aaaahhhhh!!!!

6.) I’m cool. getittogetherg says so.

  • 6th August
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7 Quick Tips for Changing a Negative Mood


1. Change your environment, or leave the room.
2. Switch your thinking, or redirect your thoughts
3. Go outside and get some exercise
4. Listen to the music that usually lifts your mood
5. Look at those old photographs that always make you laugh
6. Text or call a friend who’s really going through tough times
7. Be nice to a stranger – play it forward – and be kind.

For future reference…

I would also add that it helps to find something that you enjoy doing and do it.

(via ironphenix)

  • 6th August
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  • 5th August
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  • 1st August
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Heaven help me.

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’m trying hard to overcome feeling angry and slightly depressed (what the heck hormones). Trying to respond with positivity and light.

Maybe some positive thoughts will help.

My baby is healthy and happy.
I have been eating on track and going to the gym regularly.
I’ve lost another pound.
I successfully kept myself from eating a s’mores cupcake this morning!
It’s Friday, which for a stay at home mom like me really means my hunk-a hunk-a has two days off.

Let’s just pretend I didn’t use a soapy measuring cup to measure milk for my oatmeal this morning. Ugh